Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Lauren Shohet

My fields of teaching and research interest are early-modern poetry and drama (especially in England, and especially Shakespeare and Milton); adaptation studies, the history of material texts, and genre studies. My current work on these topics has taken me into ecocriticism, digital humanities, and translation theory as well. Recently, I’ve written on early-modern women’s elegy, human-non-human networks in Renaissance pastoral, Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials in relation to Paradise Lost, and “You-Tube and the Idea of an Archive.” I published Reading Masques: the English Masque and Public Culture in the Seventeenth Century with Oxford University Press in 2010. I recently presented a paper on smell in Paradise Lost, completed an article (in French) on polychronicity in Shakespeare’s Pericles and Mary Wroth’s Urania, and I’m editing an Othello i-pad app for Luminary Shakespeare.

I’m drawn to study and teach literature because it sponsors conversations: between the present and the past, between forms (like sonnets) and historical events (like revolutions), between scholarly analysis and popular debate, between selves and others, between "what" and "what if." At our presently exciting but baffling moment of rapid technological and cultural change, I am interested in exploring ways that canonical texts of English literature and well honed tools of literary and cultural analysis can offer archives, tool boxes, and inspirations for considering vital questions of interest beyond the field, from perspectives unique to the field.

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